Standard Cleaning

Regular cleaning

What it is and what’s included in Regular Cleaning?

Standard Cleaning typically entails routine everyday duties that must be completed each day. Vacuuming and mopping the floors, dusting furniture and appliances, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen with their appliances, removing spider webs from the rooms, putting out the trash, cleaning the window frames, and cleaning the doors are some duties involved in routine cleaning.

You can engage a company to take care of these errands if you don’t have time to do them yourself. The nice thing about routine cleaning is that it is less expensive than deep cleaning and, depending on the home can have comparable results.

Overall tasks carried out while doing a Standard Cleaning

For different spaces, we undoubtedly have specific tasks. But in order to make sure everything is clean, a series of actions will be done in every room while performing a Standard cleaning.

Regular Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen could be among the most difficult spaces to keep clean. Since filth, grime, and grease tend to accumulate there the most, a cleaner typically spends the majority of their time in the kitchen or bathroom. But, we have you covered because:

Cleaning task carried out in the Bathroom

The second-cleanest room in the house, if not the cleanest, is the bathroom. This is because bacteria and germs of all kinds accumulate even when you are not aware of them. So do not fear, we have a number of chores to complete in order to leave an excellent finish and remove as much bacteria as possible.

Living Room

The Daily Task We’ll Do For You

The living room may be the sanctuary of an individual. Personally, the living room is where all the memories with the family are made. This is why we’ll take extra care of yours and make it a pleasant space to have some time with friends and family.

These tasks will include:

Rest of mind

What a Standard Cleaning in Bedroom looks like?

For us, the Bedroom is the place where we can rest our minds after a hard day at work. This is why we try to keep it as clean as possible and make the best of it.

All general tasks included

We will do all general tasks in the bedroom, ensuring it’s dust-free, and disinfected and we’ll try to make the perfect ambient.

We’ll prepare your bed

After a long day spent at work, all you will want is just to take a shower and go to bed. So, we’ll take care of this for you.

Did you know?

A tidy bedroom means a more productive mind. This is why you should choose us when it comes to cleaning. Remember, choose the quality, not the quantity.

    Alexandru Constantin
    Alexandru Constantin


    Healthy home, healthy mind. A clean and well-organized space sets the stage for success, providing a sanctuary where the mind can flourish and conquer new horizons. Just as Winston Churchill famously said, ‘We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us.’ Let the pristine surroundings of your home become the launchpad for greatness, inspiring you to seize the day and achieve greatness in every endeavor. Embrace the power of cleanliness, and watch as it transforms not only your living space but also your entire outlook on life.

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